Our Sonoran Spirit

We rise each day, wherever we are in the world, with an unwavering commitment to lifelong learning, collaborating with respect, operating with integrity and always putting people at the center of everything we do. This is our Sonoran Spirit.

Sonoran Spirit is the bedrock upon which we’ve built our business.

Sonoran Spirit

Our strong foundation consists of six strategic pillars.



Our core values unite us. They make us unique and set us apart from our competitors. They are what we believe in and what carry us through our days. They drive our success – and the success of our customers.


We are passionately pursuing the Autonomous Supply Chain™. AI, ML and other advanced technologies are making it possible to achieve this moonshot.


Our supply chain management platform – the industry’s first – makes it possible for customers, partners and JDA to connect core enterprise and SaaS-based applications and align planning, execution and delivery capabilities from end-to-end.


Our customer-first operating model aims to deliver a differentiated experience, starting with innovation and focused on value delivery throughout the lifecycle of our engagement.


We share operational priorities to align our teams on common goals and outcomes, focused on customer value delivery and driving excellence across the business worldwide.


We are a diverse group of proven, passionate game-changers. Our culture is based on collaboration and respect. We embrace continuous growth, innovation and creativity. We operate with integrity, engage our communities and have fun!

Are we a cultural fit? If so, apply to work with a Glassdoor "Best Places to Work" at JDA.

Life at JDA

At JDA we have the freedom to contribute to many initiatives outside of our core roles, including those that make a positive impact on our communities and on issues that we are passionate about, like advancing women in business. I love that anyone can join these initiatives to make a difference in our company and world. —Ana Castro, Monterrey, Mexico
I am surrounded by people who can teach me something and people who are interested in learning from me. From almost the first day of my employment I have been learning through collaboration. I am always looking forward to what we'll accomplish as we grow as a team; that's true on all the teams I've been a part of. —Andrew Laird, Lakeland, Florida
We are free to explore our horizons, think differently, seize the opportunities we see or expand them. There are no limits! Our managers invite us to go a step further and take the leap. The best part – if you are ready for it – is that we are empowered to become leaders. I have witnessed many outshine themselves and become great leaders at JDA. —Kranthi Remala, Hyderabad, India
Welcoming a new child into your family is a precious time. When my second daughter was born, JDA’s Family Leave Policy and the work coverage by my excellent teammates allowed me to be at home with my family. I relish this opportunity and am grateful for this amazing benefit. —Amanjit Sandhu, Bracknell, England
Our leaders are very friendly and approachable – from my direct manager all the way to the CEO. When it comes to both professional and personal needs, the management team seems to genuinely care and wants to help. You can tell that the people at JDA matter to them. —Jill Smith, Scottsdale, Arizona
Some people dread going to work on Monday morning. I don’t. Not at JDA! There are so many things to do, that you look forward to starting your week and learning while making a meaningful contribution. This repeats consistently Monday after Monday after Monday! —Venkat Subramanian S., Bangalore, India
I’ve never worked at a company before that has had the level of teamwork, support and spirit as JDA. I’ve never worked anywhere where associates literally go out of their way to help each other than at JDA. It’s my favorite company to work for in my career, hands down. —Lucy Ehlers, Johannesburg, South Africa
We solve real problems that drive measurable value for our customers. When we do, our sponsor's career becomes like a rocket ship, soaring to new heights. That is a really rewarding experience for me and others on our team and a great benefit of working at JDA. —Mitchell Webb, Bentonville, Arkansas