DSW Case Study

Since 1991, DSW Inc., a leading U.S.-based footwear retailer, has built its brand by offering a unique combination of assortment, convenience and value that provides a competitive edge while appealing to a broad range of consumers. Previously a close-out footwear operation, DSW evolved into a large footwear specialty retailer. With a store capacity of 24,000 pairs of shoes, tailoring inventory to local tastes became a major challenge. The retailer leveraged capabilities from JDA's Retail Planning solution to better plan and allocate merchandise by class, subclass and item across the company’s fixed store capacities, and realized the following results:

  • Increased sales and margins in an economic downturn
  • Lowered inventory levels across all merchandise subclasses
  • Improved customer service by matching local assortments to consumer needs
  • Improved buyers' productivity and efficiency