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Get your JDA solutions up and running faster than you ever thought possible. JDA Professional Services has managed countless successful implementations with experience across customer segments and company sizes. With unique JDA solutions custom to your business needs, your supply chain team is still learning.

JDA Professional Services delivers hands-on experience and technical know-how to support your business in two areas:

Implementation Services

Selecting the right software is only the first step to transforming business models and end-to-end supply chains. For a fast return on investment and rapid, seamless implementation, you need the right implementation partner. JDA has unparalleled expertise in delivering a successful implementation, on time and on budget, all backed by thousands of successful customer engagements.  

JDA consultants work with your business to build a customized implementation plan that truly adds value. Based on best practices and proven experience, the JDA Enterprise Methodology is a step-by-step template for ensuring success.  You’ll achieve rapid value in staged, incremental improvements with our Adaptive Agile Methodology.

Education and Organizational Change

Realize the full value of your technology investment with JDA Professional Services. JDA Education consultants offer a rare combination of business and technology expertise to match advanced software solutions to support long term success. 

Our consultants develop training suited to your exact needs — from online, on-demand courses to on-site classes. JDA’s employee certification program motivates and recognizes technology mastery.

Even the best transformation plans can’t deliver unless the culture focuses on shared success and supply chain ownership.  JDA consultants empower faster results, higher technology utilization rates, and greater user proficiency, generating momentum and buy-in at every stage.

Customer Success with JDA Services

“We used the full gamut of JDA Services for implementation and within 2-3 weeks of going live we were back to full productivity within the warehouse and shipping full volume.”

Kristi Montgomery, Vice President, Information Technology at Kenco

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