Demand Planning

Got a crystal ball? We didn’t think so. That’s why you need JDA Demand.

Demand forecasts need to be accurate, consolidated, and synchronized with demand signals. With JDA Demand, you can simplify your demand planning process and create an integrated planning framework that supports multiple forecasting methods. Its powerful and customizable dashboard leverages exception-based KPIs, enabling users to be more proactive to market changes. Take your forecast accuracy to the next level with Luminate Demand Edge, a SaaS solution that extends and enhances your current demand solution by leveraging machine learning to develop highly accurate, probabilistic demand forecasts that can incorporate hundreds of real-time demand signals.

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Faster Decision Making

Automation and systemic decision-making leads to decreased manual intervention and quicker task completion for planners and buyers.
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Increased Efficiency

Improved Forecast Visibility

Improved forecasting and inventory visibility will reduce transportation costs due to unnecessary expedited shipments.
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Reduced Costs

Reduced Inventory Write-Off

Reduce the expense of writing-off inventory by improving visibility into when demand is slowing and trends are changing.
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Improved Forecast Accuracy

JDA helped Natsu reduce leftover stock by 20% when serving fresh foods to over 3000 grocers every day.

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