Enterprise Store Operations

Ensure consistent quality, profitability and customer satisfaction by automating all your site-based retail operations

Whether you manage a convenience store or a restaurant, store operations is incredibly fast-paced and complex.    Today’s buyer has diverse preferences and expectations which makes understanding customer demand critical.   You need to simplify fresh food preparation needs and optimize your operations while reducing waste.   By understanding customer demand, the right inventory can be ordered and aligned at a more granular level for food preparation by location and throughout the day.  Managers can optimize their inventory and reduce food waste, increasing profits and improving sustainability.   

JDA’s Enterprise Store Operations SaaS based solution supports managers with traditional inventory, prepared foods, as well as the growing demand for fresh items as well as those supplied by local vendors.    Employees can be quickly trained on recipes and food preparation needs increasing their productivity and provide a consistent experience.  Managers can spend more time in the front of the store interacting with   customers and improving higher rates of satisfaction.    

 JDA Enterprise Store Operations, optimizes your store operations and staff’s time while driving greater sustainability to better support your local community.

Reduced Management Burden

Give managers more time to spend in front of the store increasing in-store shopping experiences.
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Reduced Administrative Time

Reduced Inventory Spoilage

Increased visibility on expanding inventory of fresh items.
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Reduced Shrink

Optimized Ordering Levels

Reduce inventory levels at the store level improving revenue and carrying costs.
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Reduced Inventory

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