Factory Planning & Sequencing

Take production planning to the next level, by strategically balancing customer service with real-world costs and constraints

Wouldn’t it be nice to have infinite production capacity? Unfortunately, that’s not the world you live in. When capacity is finite — and factory conditions are constantly shifting — you need to quickly make the right decisions about which products to make, when, in what order and in what quantities. JDA Factory Planning & Sequencing ensures better scheduling with optimum resource utilization by simultaneously balancing customer service requirements with cost — while also respecting complex manufacturing constraints.


  • Ability to respond rapidly to interruptions in execution
  • Repeatable production planning processes that improve efficiency
  • Holistic view of factory plans, as well as demand, supply and capacity key performance indicators


  • Reduced cycle times and customer response times
  • Decreased inventory levels
  • Increased throughput
  • Improved asset utilization

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