Integrated Network Design & Optimization

Transform your supply chain into a powerful source of competitive advantage with integrated network design and optimization

How can Integrated Network Design & Optimization help my business?

Think you can set it and forget it when it comes to supply chain network design? Not anymore. With increased globalization, digital disruption and consumer-centricity, network design has moved from an annual to a monthly process for many leading companies. This has led many companies to develop these skills in-house, making it more important than ever for planners to have the right tools. Next-level integrated network design dynamically aligns your planning and execution systems to the optimized network, enabling your business to quickly realize financial and service improvements. JDA Supply Chain Strategist helps you evaluate the complex trade-offs and opportunities when making decisions about manufacturing and distribution site locations and transportation. JDA allows you to go beyond supply chain network design to productive supply chain network optimization.


  • Strategic, end-to-end capabilities to evaluate, design, optimize and transform your supply chain
  • Ability to focus on problems or new areas, and exclude others, from the model
  • Powerful, comprehensive and flexible modeling paradigm supporting what-if scenario analysis
  • Network design and optimization based on trade-offs across various costs, constraints and business objectives


  • Supply chain agility and risk mitigation for customer focus
  • Strategic, informed executive decisions
  • Reduced costs and increased service, revenue and growth
  • Improved strategic and tactical supply chain visibility
  • Better seasonal planning

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