Warehouse Management

Optimize costs and service levels in your everyday warehouse operations, creating a significant boost in profitability

The warehouse represents a substantial cost center, yet it’s also one of your key strategic assets — because it’s where customer promises are fulfilled. The secret to warehouse success? Delivering consistently high service and low costs, no matter what challenges today’s unified commerce marketplace brings.  Through real-time transaction processing, optimized storage and selection strategies, directed task management and integrated labor standards, JDA provides a best in class platform to maximize your labor utilization, reduce obsolescence and leverage available capacities while driving best in class customer service levels.

With innovation shifts, such as robotics, driverless forklifts, wearable technology and other artificial intelligence (AI), the warehouse you see today will change drastically soon to a more digital environment. JDA Warehouse Management is positioned to facilitate that transition through current functionality, empowering automation, leveraging an extensibility framework focused on configurability and encouraging experimentation and innovation. 

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Decreased Inventory Costs

Hot receipt functionality to prioritize inbound inventory with outbound orders, reducing handling, storage and costs while improving service.
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Cost Reduction

Dock-to-Stock and Dwell-Time Reductions

JDA optimizes every step of outbound operations to ensure accuracy, timeliness, efficiency, compliance and optimal customer service.
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Time Reductions

Improved Customer Service

Improved inventory accuracy, visibility, and rotation leads to less lost, damaged and obsolete inventory.
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Improved Accuracy

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