Optimize Pricing with Precision, Intelligence and Automation

In a world of unpredictable demand, crushing speed of market changes, and unmanageable amounts of data, getting pricing right is key for retailers. To meet expectations, they need automated insights to understand what factors influence customer demand and then use that data to set pricing strategies. Luminate Pricing leads the way in optimizing pricing across the product lifecycle, with a more granular decision-making level than humans are capable. Powered by artificial (AI) and highly honed machine learning (ML), it understands the influencing factors and makes optimal pricing decisions.

Use Cases

Pricing is flexible and adaptable, and built on a highly automated execution of strategy outcomes. It manages your end-to-end strategy by measuring price elasticity and forecast demand, and then automating pricing. Take your strategy to the next level with machine learning that computes the true influence of price on demand to predict price changes and impact on demand forecast. 

Real Time

Calculate store-specific item price elasticities alongside multiple demand factors and delivers prices in near real-time without re-engineering existing processes.


Optimize prices for every channel and product according to consumer demand, brand loyalty and local conditions.


Deliver more profitable store specific markdown prices for seasonal and de-listed products using cutting edge AI/ML that continually measures demand and price elasticity.

Luminate is the World’s #1 Digital Fulfillment Platform

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